Australian Sex Party NSW Policies


The Australian Sex Party NSW Policies


  • Create one transport agency to plan, coordinate and integrate all public transport in NSW.
  • Fast track implementation of a world-class integrated transport ticketing system.
  • More support and less red tape for small business.


  • A 24 hour vibrant cosmopolitan and world-class city.
    • 24 hour public transport on weekends.
    • More visible policing in nightlife hotspots, not penalisation of licensed premises.
  • Complete overhaul of public transport in and through the CBD.
    • Bus transit corridors.
    • Light rail options.
  • More open and green spaces, including turning Barangaroo into parkland.
  • A full-time Member of Parliament for Sydney.


  • Freedom of speech.
  • No Internet filtering & No retention of browsing history.
  • Legalise X-rated DVDs and films.
  • The liberalisation and rationalisation of NSW censorship and classification laws.
  • Repeal NSW police powers to act as enforcers and judges of adult material.
  • Support for a uniform national classification scheme.


  • Equal rights for GLBTIQ people in all aspects of life.
    • Marriage equality.
    • Same sex adoption rights.
    • Amend the Birth Deaths and Marriages Act to remove the requirement for surgery to alter the gender on the record of birth.

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    • Provide genital modification surgery under the NSW public health system.

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  • Decriminalise abortion.
  • Ensure the right to safe and legal abortion.
  • Repeal regressive surrogacy laws.
  • Require the non-discriminatory provision of IVF services to same sex couples.


  • Voluntary euthanasia laws.


  • Equal rights and protections for sex workers.
  • Full anti-discrimination protections for all sex workers.
  • Complete decriminalisation of sex work.
  • No licensing for brothels.
  • No mandatory registration of sex workers.
  • Establish an independent, but state-funded, advocacy organisation for sex workers.


  • Keep religion out of politics and the government system, including public schools.
  • Ethics classes for all public schools.
  • Qualified counsellors in public schools, not religious chaplains.


  • Treat drug use as a health issue, not a criminal issue.
  • Decriminalisation of all personal drug use and possession for personal use.
  • Commercial drug trafficking to remain a criminal offence.
  • Extension of drug injecting rooms beyond Kings Cross.
  • No sniffer dogs in public streets and public venues.
  • Legalise the prescription of heroin to registered and habitual users.
  • Legalise and regulate cannabis for medical use.


  • Stronger anti-corruption measure for the NSW government and public sector.
  • Increased resources for the ICAC and the NSW Ombudsman.
  • Establish independent statutory funds to provide guaranteed budgets to the ICAC and the NSW Ombudsman.
  • Remove any Ministerial control and influence over the ICAC and the NSW Ombudsman.
  • Greater privacy for citizens and their information.
  • No covert access to private information without a court-issued warrant and independent review and oversight.
  • Royal Commission into child abuse in NSW religious institutions.
  • Royal Commission into the operation of DoCS in NSW.
  • Legislate to prevent local government Councillors concurrently being Members of Parliament or Parliamentary staffers.

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Senator Harradine a Worthy but Deluded Opponent: Eros


The Eros Association today paid tribute to the man they locked horns with more times than they cared to remember. Eros CEO Fiona Patten said that he was a formidable political opponent, driven by his religious convictions and a cultural mindset stuck in the 1950s. “From the late 1980s onward, he used his balance of power in the Senate to try and roll back the supernova of eroticism that was exploding all around him”, she said. “He knew how to work a government like nobody else and was always one step ahead of them in his efforts to ban pornography. But he did not understand that the technological revolution of the 1990s was the beginning of a new way of life and that pornography was an integral part of that life. He thought if you can control the brown paper bags, you could control what was in them.”

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Corbell’s Crackdown on Drugs Misses the Mark: Sex Party

ACT banmull

ACT Attorney General, Simon Corbell has sided with the old style prohibitionists by introducing new drug laws in the ACT Parliament today. Australian Sex Party President, Fiona Patten, said the laws will continue to fail and will be rejected by Canberrans’ progressive attitudes.

She said marijuana and heroin had been banned for almost 100 years in Australia but were never more popular than now. ‘It is disappointing to see a Gen X Attorney General, supporting the same tired old prohibitionist policies that ignorant politicians used to ban alcohol as far back as the 1920s’, she said. ‘We support his moves to reduce the numbers of young people going to jail for personal possession of drugs but it is disingenuous in the extreme to try and separate out different ends of the recreational drug market and makes saints out of one end and sinners of the other. Reducing the harm done to people and society by recreational drug use requires a holistic approach based in the health portfolio - not in the criminal justice one.’

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