Australian Sex Party NSW Policies


The Australian Sex Party NSW Policies


  • Create one transport agency to plan, coordinate and integrate all public transport in NSW.
  • Fast track implementation of a world-class integrated transport ticketing system.
  • More support and less red tape for small business.


  • A 24 hour vibrant cosmopolitan and world-class city.
    • 24 hour public transport on weekends.
    • More visible policing in nightlife hotspots, not penalisation of licensed premises.
  • Complete overhaul of public transport in and through the CBD.
    • Bus transit corridors.
    • Light rail options.
  • More open and green spaces, including turning Barangaroo into parkland.
  • A full-time Member of Parliament for Sydney.


  • Freedom of speech.
  • No Internet filtering & No retention of browsing history.
  • Legalise X-rated DVDs and films.
  • The liberalisation and rationalisation of NSW censorship and classification laws.
  • Repeal NSW police powers to act as enforcers and judges of adult material.
  • Support for a uniform national classification scheme.


  • Equal rights for GLBTIQ people in all aspects of life.
    • Marriage equality.
    • Same sex adoption rights.
    • Amend the Birth Deaths and Marriages Act to remove the requirement for surgery to alter the gender on the record of birth.

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    • Provide genital modification surgery under the NSW public health system.

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  • Decriminalise abortion.
  • Ensure the right to safe and legal abortion.
  • Repeal regressive surrogacy laws.
  • Require the non-discriminatory provision of IVF services to same sex couples.


  • Voluntary euthanasia laws.


  • Equal rights and protections for sex workers.
  • Full anti-discrimination protections for all sex workers.
  • Complete decriminalisation of sex work.
  • No licensing for brothels.
  • No mandatory registration of sex workers.
  • Establish an independent, but state-funded, advocacy organisation for sex workers.


  • Keep religion out of politics and the government system, including public schools.
  • Ethics classes for all public schools.
  • Qualified counsellors in public schools, not religious chaplains.


  • Treat drug use as a health issue, not a criminal issue.
  • Decriminalisation of all personal drug use and possession for personal use.
  • Commercial drug trafficking to remain a criminal offence.
  • Extension of drug injecting rooms beyond Kings Cross.
  • No sniffer dogs in public streets and public venues.
  • Legalise the prescription of heroin to registered and habitual users.
  • Legalise and regulate cannabis for medical use.


  • Stronger anti-corruption measure for the NSW government and public sector.
  • Increased resources for the ICAC and the NSW Ombudsman.
  • Establish independent statutory funds to provide guaranteed budgets to the ICAC and the NSW Ombudsman.
  • Remove any Ministerial control and influence over the ICAC and the NSW Ombudsman.
  • Greater privacy for citizens and their information.
  • No covert access to private information without a court-issued warrant and independent review and oversight.
  • Royal Commission into child abuse in NSW religious institutions.
  • Royal Commission into the operation of DoCS in NSW.
  • Legislate to prevent local government Councillors concurrently being Members of Parliament or Parliamentary staffers.

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