Australian Sex Party Victorian Policies


Our policies support and promote Melbourne as an international 24-hour city and seek to empower independent artists and those involved in enriching Australia’s arts and live music culture. These include protecting and promoting live music venues, 24-hour trains on weekends, opposing lockouts, protecting artistic freedom of expression and supporting Victoria’s application in 2015 for Melbourne to join the Creative Cities Network as a UNESCO City of Music. Read More >>


The Australian Sex Party is committed to constitutional reform including abolition of the monarchy, creation of a new head of state and recognition of Indigenous Australians as the traditional custodians of the land. We advocate removal of the states and territories, the introduction of a Bill of Rights and recognition of Australia as a free, independent and secular nation with representative and responsible government and a separation of powers. 


Our evidenced-informed drug policy focuses on harm reduction, rather than the costly and ineffective law-and-order approach.
Crime can be reduced, with better outcomes for drug users by decriminalising all drugs for personal use but specifically legislating to immediately decriminalise cannabis.  Legalising prescription heroin for registered users and funding supervised injecting facilities and needle exchange programs including in all Victorian prisons, will save the state millions of dollars and result in better outcomes for addicts.  Read More >>


We believe that education should include political literacy, age-appropriate sex and relationships education, Internet safety, and comparative religion and ethics education. Qualified and accredited counsellors, social workers or mental health professionals should provide pastoral care in public schools. Private schools should not be exempted from anti-discrimination laws. Read More >>


Sexual assault and domestic violence are serious issues in our community that have an immediate and lasting impact upon an individual’s mental and physical health. The Sex Party advocates for an alternative approach to seeking justice for survivor-victims including the establishment of a special court to deal specifically with cases involving domestic and sexual violence.  Read More >>


Governments should be held accountable and be more transparent with respect to Freedom of Information. We seek to amend legislation so that public service documents are made available in the open domain and ensure they are easily accessible by all.  Read More >>


The Australian Sex Party accepts that climate change is real. Our environment policies provide solutions based on scientific evidence. Science shows that if we want to avoid dangerous levels of global warming we must act immediately to restore a safe climate. To do this we must reduce our emissions to near zero and draw down existing greenhouse gases as fast as possible. This makes economic sense, not just environmental. Read More >>


The Australian Sex Party supports equality in adoption rights and access to IVF services, regardless of gender identity or relationship status. The Sex Party advocates for same-sex marriage. We support reducing the burden for trans* people in the identification of their lived gender such as removing unnecessary gender markers from government forms and allowing trans* people to change their birth certificate irrespective of if they have undergone gender affirmation surgery Read More >>


We support community based health promotion and prevention initiatives and a focus on developing better sexual health strategies, including ensuring that all Victorians have access to free, confidential and pseudonymous sexual health services. The Australian Sex Party supports evidence-based models of mental health service delivery that integrate all levels of care, and focus on community development and long term strategies to improve the standard of living for people with a mental health disorders. We want to promote early intervention, ensure compulsory periodic training for nurses, including communication training, providing a safe environment within mental health facilities and oppose smoking bans at such facilities. Read More >>


We are committed to ensuring that repressive Victorian laws that unduly restrict an individual’s freedom are repealed. We will call for the reintroduction of suspended sentencing and justice reinvestment programs.  Read More >>


We support a statutory right to privacy and stronger protections against breaches of privacy. We seek to protect private data collected by Myki and CityLink, prevent retention of personal internet usage data and put a stop to government CCTV surveillance and random police searches in public without cause. Read More >>


The Sex Party is committed to recreational activities that ‘re-create’ the wellness of participants and the environment they performed in.  Read More>>


The Sex Party's sexual health policy aims to reduce stigma, blame/shame and discrimination of sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. We would like to see better training in sexual health for aged care workers and access to free and confidential sexual health clinics across Victoria. We support peer-involved education and promotion programs in target populations.  Read More >>


Based on the evidence found in Australia and around the world, we believe in the decriminalisation of sex work in order to protect the health, human rights, and working conditions of sex workers, as well as the inclusion of sex workers in anti-discrimination legislation. The Australian Sex Party believes that sex workers are leaders of positive change in their industry and supports the industry funding of a sex worker-led organisation in Victoria as exists in other states. We strongly oppose any move toward the Nordic Model of regulation. Read More >>


The Australian Sex Party acknowledges that both East-West Link and Melbourne Metro Rail are two vitally important infrastructure projects. We believe that the second Maribyrnong River Crossing (current stage two) of the East-West Link project should be prioritised over the Royal Park road tunnel and constructed concurrently with rail projects. Public transport projects should consider a dedicated airport link, a north/south train line connecting the eastern radial lines and reserving rail corridors for future development and investigating alternative funding models. We encourage commuters to cycle or utilise public transport wherever possible. We also call for 24-hour train services on weekends, with appropriate security personnel. Read More >>


Nearly 90% of Australians support voluntary-assisted dying. We will introduce legislation to legalise an individual’s right to a dignified death and the ability to make an informed choice about the way they wish to die. Read More >>


Church owned companies include some of the most well known brands in Australia including cereal manufacturers, insurance companies and publishers and yet they don’t pay income tax. A conservative estimate is that income tax exemptions alone to churches and religious organisations cost taxpayers nearly $ 20 billion a year. Add to that GST concessions, exemptions from capital gains tax (on property and share trading) and the Fringe Benefits Tax Exemption and the cost to tax payers is staggering. Read More >>