Australian Sex Party Victorian Policies

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The Australian Sex Party Victorian Policies

Arts - Read More

  • Protect live music venues from burdensome licensing requirements
  • Hold government to its accord with the community to promote live music in Victoria
  • Call for introduction of 24-hour train services on weekends
  • Support investment in digital delivery and consumption models that protect copyright and royalties of Victoria’s musicians
  • Call for the introduction of a dedicated funding program for artists with disabilities
  • Call for review of funding available to independent and community arts
  • Protect and promote freedom of artistic expression

Drugs - Read More

  • Decriminalisation of all drugs for personal use
  • Infractions to be treated in an administrative framework outside the criminal justice system
  • Immediate cessation of the use of drug sniffer dogs in public places
  • Legalise the prescription of heroin to registered and habitual users
  • Legalise and regulate cannabis for specific medical use
  • Fund community overdose prevention initiatives, such as supervised injecting facilities
  • Subsidise high quality drug testing kits available in pharmacies, at age-restricted premises and through needle and syringe programs


Education - Read More

  • Call for an increased focus on political literacy in the implementation of Phase Three of the Australian Curriculum
  • Advocate for non-compulsory voting franchise to be extended to 16 to 18 year olds
  • Support schools to develop innovative and individual programs to provide for their students
  • Educate students on safe use of information and communication technologies
  • Advocate for secular public schools
  • Call for the complete cessation of chaplains in government schools and mandate that counsellors possessing psychology qualifications be available to all students
  • Replace the Christian volunteer-run Special Religious Instruction program in public schools with curriculum-based units on Comparative Religion and Ethics
  • Attach requirements on public funding to private schools that their policies be non-discriminatory and inclusive of all students, in line with public expectations

Privacy and Data Retention - Read More

  • Protect the private lives of all Australians through the creation of a statutory right to privacy, and stronger protections against breach of privacy.
  • Institute stricter privacy requirements for transport organisations such as Myki and CityLink as regards sharing customer data with third parties and government agencies, and ensure that any law enforcement access to personal data is subject to strict judicial oversight
  • Oppose the mandatory retention of personal internet usage data, including browsing history and emails, by internet service providers for use by law enforcement.
  • Institute a moratorium on additional speed cameras and CCTV surveillance in public pending further study on the effectiveness of these measures in reducing road deaths and street crime, respectively.
  • Call for an immediate end to random police searches in public without cause.

Sex Work - Read More

  • Decriminalise the sex industry
  • Establish an advocacy organisation to protect the rights and interests of sex workers, funded by the state but operating independently
  • Bring regulation of sex workers into line with regulation of other industries

Transport - Read More

  • Put pressure on the incoming government to provide investment and undertake forward-thinking infrastructure projects
  • Advocate that stages One and Two of the Melbourne Metro Rail Tunnel be planned and delivered simultaneously, to realise economic and patronage benefits for the taxpayer, and residents and business of St Kilda Road
  • Call for the separation of Regional and Metropolitan services within the metropolitan network, to facilitate and upgrade of the network to a metro-style system
  • Advocate for the implementation of modern rail technologies, such as Automatic Signalling
  • Call for 24 hour train services on weekends, with appropriate security personnel (see Live Music Policy)

Health - Read More

  • The implementation of the recommendations of the National Hospitals and Health Reform Commission should not impact on the high standard of community health in Victoria
  • A focus on sexual health initiatives that are often overlooked despite growing evidence and community support
  • Support the partnership of communities as active in health care with the government, health and research sectors
  • Support for evidence-based models of mental health service delivery that are a true integration of all levels of care, with a focus on community development and long term strategies to improve the standard of people living with a mental health and/or substance use disorder

Sex - Crime and the Spanner Case

  • Resolve ambiguity surrounding the legality of various forms of sexual activity by amending section 31 of the Crimes Act 1958 (Vic) to provide that consent is a defence against assault charges, where consent is informed and provided free from duress

Equality – Reproduction Rights

  • Remove any restrictions preventing same-sex couples from adopting
  • Require private service providers to provide for same-sex individuals in a non-discriminatory manner, including adoption and IVF services
  • Advocate for amendment to surrogacy laws such that the intended care-givers can become the legal guardians of the child without going through adoption processes

Police Resources - Read More

  • Move police resources to focus on violent crime

Motorcycles - Read More

  • Limited and discounted recreational registration for motorcyclists similar to the vintage car restricted registration
  • Encourage take up of training via registration and insurance discounts
  • No legislated clothing requirements for bike riders
  • No legislated ‘Motor cycle black spots’
  • Specific education programs for new scooter riders


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Senator Harradine a Worthy but Deluded Opponent: Eros


The Eros Association today paid tribute to the man they locked horns with more times than they cared to remember. Eros CEO Fiona Patten said that he was a formidable political opponent, driven by his religious convictions and a cultural mindset stuck in the 1950s. “From the late 1980s onward, he used his balance of power in the Senate to try and roll back the supernova of eroticism that was exploding all around him”, she said. “He knew how to work a government like nobody else and was always one step ahead of them in his efforts to ban pornography. But he did not understand that the technological revolution of the 1990s was the beginning of a new way of life and that pornography was an integral part of that life. He thought if you can control the brown paper bags, you could control what was in them.”

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Corbell’s Crackdown on Drugs Misses the Mark: Sex Party

ACT banmull

ACT Attorney General, Simon Corbell has sided with the old style prohibitionists by introducing new drug laws in the ACT Parliament today. Australian Sex Party President, Fiona Patten, said the laws will continue to fail and will be rejected by Canberrans’ progressive attitudes.

She said marijuana and heroin had been banned for almost 100 years in Australia but were never more popular than now. ‘It is disappointing to see a Gen X Attorney General, supporting the same tired old prohibitionist policies that ignorant politicians used to ban alcohol as far back as the 1920s’, she said. ‘We support his moves to reduce the numbers of young people going to jail for personal possession of drugs but it is disingenuous in the extreme to try and separate out different ends of the recreational drug market and makes saints out of one end and sinners of the other. Reducing the harm done to people and society by recreational drug use requires a holistic approach based in the health portfolio - not in the criminal justice one.’

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