Transport - Victoria

The Australian Sex Party acknowledges that both East-West Link and Melbourne Metro Rail are two vitally important infrastructure projects.
We believe that the second Maribyrnong River Crossing (current stage two) of the East-West Link project should be prioritised over the Royal Park road tunnel and constructed concurrently with rail projects.
Public transport projects should consider a dedicated airport link, a north/south train line connecting the eastern radial lines and reserving rail corridors for future development and investigating alternative funding models.  We encourage commuters to cycle or utilise public transport wherever possible.  We also call for 24-hour train services on weekends, with appropriate security personnel.

Victoria has underinvested in rail infrastructure for decades. Rail infrastructure is poorly maintained and out of date. New growth areas are not provided with adequate public transport infrastructure to meet population demands.


  • 24-hour public transport on weekends with appropriate security personnel (see Live Music policy);

  • Prioritise the Melbourne Metro project;

  • Additional bus services on weekends; increasing frequency of bus services on weekends and extending operating hours on weekdays and weekends;

  • Alternative funding mechanisms for public transport projects;

  • Feasibility assessments into the following public transport projects:

    • An extension of the Melbourne Metro project to include the Alfred Hospital Precinct;

    • Eastern Loop: an underground train service connecting the Southland, Chadstone, Box Hill, Doncaster Hill and Northland shopping precincts;

    • Western Loop: reservation of rail corridors located between Caroline Springs and Melton, linking existing rail lines and a western loop connecting the St Albans line to Werribee line.

    • Airport Rail Link: focusing on a dedicated fast train service and not the extension of the metropolitan rail service;

    • South-Western Rail Link: a rail tunnel connecting Newport through Fisherman’s Bend to Southern Cross Station; adding a second river crossing and a high capacity service for the estimated 80,000 new residents in Fishermans Bend Urban Renewal Area;

  • Investment in the East-West Link commencing with the second Maribyrnong River Crossing, supported by a full business case;

  • Fairer placement of speed cameras and common sense enforcement of speed limits; and

  • Greater privacy with respect to Myki, CityLink Melbourne, EastLink and any future East West Link operating consortium (see Privacy and Data Retention policy).